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Last night, “American Horror Story: Hotel” premiered on Fox, the fourth season of the “American Horror Story” franchise from show creator, Ryan Murphy (he also created “Glee”) and which stars Lady Gaga as a hotelier. Yet while we expected this season to be like other seasons–freaky as hell and full of gore–“AHS: Hotel” clearly pushes the boundaries. And at the same time, gives us pause about staying, visiting, or working in a hotel.

If you didn’t see the episode, or if you simply can’t stomach watching a body erupt out of a mattress, or a foursome that ends in a double murder, just read the recap on Variety.com here and you’ll be scared out of your mind regardless.


The one thing we have to remember as we hold our stuffed teddy and blankie is that this is not real. The show and its sick employees and twisted guests are completely fabricated. Although, some scenes were filmed at a real-life haunted hotel, The Cecil, in downtown Los Angeles where a missing guest was later found dead in the rooftop water tank. Later, an elevator surveillance video was released that showed beyond strange behavior from the girl just hours before she disappeared for good.

But oddly enough, this haunted incident is working out just fine for this hotel, which has since been renamed Stay on Main. TMZ reports that “die-hard” AHS fans are booking the hotel now. We, however, are not quite at that point yet.

[Photo: American Horror Story: Hotel]


Juliana Shallcross
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