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It was well over two years ago when we first heard that André Balazs was planning on bringing his Standard Hotels to London. More specifically, to the former Camden Town Hall Annexe in King’s Cross – a, let’s say, less-than-elegant concrete structure opposite the far more architecturally grand St. Pancras Hotel (dating back to 1873) and Great Northern Hotel (even older, having opened in 1854). This is what it looked like back then.



Long did the project sit quietly on our list of new hotels for the British capital without much to report on it at all. But then a browse around the treasure trove that is the internet got us to this: what looks like a rendering of The Standard, repurposing the council building and adding those reported floors.


Clearly recognisable as the structure may be, the extension upwards changes it dramatically, with what looks like at least the equivalent of three of its original floors. Clad in glass, it seems to have a slightly smaller footprint, with the top floor featuring at least double-height ceilings – we’d be surprised if this wouldn’t house a restaurant/bar and perhaps a penthouse suite.

And are we the only ones who spy external lifts going up the side of the hotel? (Spot the double shaft in the recess of the front façade and the glass ‘cube’ misaligned with the upper concrete story). A comparison with the buildings just behind should tell you that views, particularly southwest towards the West End, promise to be spectacular.


This is what you’ll find today, which (if still far from complete) shows progress. Lots of scaffolding can’t hide the skeleton appearing right at the top. Could we see The Standard opening this time next year? We’ll keep you posted.

[Photos: Paul J DeVries, Rendering: CrossTree Real Estate]


Paul J DeVries
Paul J DeVries is a freelance travel writer and was previously a contributing editor for Based in London, he knows the city's hotel scene inside out, while also covering the latest in destinations around the world. When not checking out a new hotel, he checks in on the airlines and inflight products that get you there.

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