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Before there was Baccarat, there was Bulgari…hotels.

While Baccarat New York has since wowed the world with their stunning interiors, crazy impressive crystal collection, and over-the-top luxury perks (like free in-room blowouts for suite guests), Marriott’s high-end brand inspired by Bulgari jewels and luxury goods is looking to recapture the title of Best Hotel Brand Inspired By a Historic Luxury Goods House. Or something like that.


Bulgari currently has three hotels–Milan, Bali, and London, which earned a not-so-nice nickname when it opened in 2012. But in the works are Bulgari Hotels in Shanghai (in the historic Zhabei District), Beijing (in the Embassy District), and Dubai (on Jumeira Bay Island, a man-made island shaped like a seahorse.) All properties are expected to open in 2017. And we hear that at least one more Bulgari hotel is in the works.

This is all very exciting, but very curious too, considering that Baccarat has Dubai on its list after they open in Rabat, Morocco next year. And we’ve seen mentions of Baccarat Hotel Shanghai here and there too. Now the reckoning won’t be for a few years, but we do foresee a little bit of a struggle amongst these hotels as they compete for the affection of brand-conscious hotel guests. Sigh. So many bauble-inspired hotels, so little time!

[Photo: Bulgari London]


Juliana Shallcross
A self-confessed hotel addict, Juliana Shallcross has been reporting on hotels around the world for more than a decade. She was previously the managing editor HotelChatter.com. A good portion of her job involves sleeping in new hotels, obsessing over technology and keeping tabs on the ever-changing hospitality landscape. She's based in Los Angeles.

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