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Having just thrown open its doors in Ultimo (Sydney’s hottest new hood), the brand new The Ultimo is welcoming stars of a different kind by billing itself as the world’s first astrology hotel.

The Ultimo is the brainchild of Australian hotel group 8Hotels and has been built in one of Sydney’s old, heritage-listed buildings (this one dates right back to 1911). Interiors are all exposed brick and some very cool graphic prints; but it’s the hotel’s collaboration with top astrologer Damian Rocks, Founder of Stars Like You, that’s got everyone talking.

Rocks has tailored special city guides for travellers based entirely on their star signs. Sections include ‘Gastrology’ for places to eat and drink, and ‘Experiology’ for cool things to do in the city. There are different destinations around town dependent on which of the 12 star signs you are – think surfing lessons for adventurous Aries, or yoga classes for balance-seeking Virgo. Once back at the hotel a whole load of zodiac-themed details awaits, from daily horoscopes in the hotel’s newspaper to an astrology library in the lobby. Plus, forget ordinary tea: here there’s Astrolo-tea, which, you guessed it, matches your zodiac sign.

Check in for imaginative, starry-eyed offers ranging from Star Charts packages to Off the Charts packages – the former offers accommodation, a personalised star chart, moon calendar and slippers; whilst the latter includes all the above plus an added bonus of an hour’s personal astrology reading.

8Hotels’ next Sydney ventures will vary from a boutique 40-room guesthouse in Surry Hills to the welcome addition of a trendy Sydney Airport hotel. Both will be kitted out by interior designer Cressida Kennedy from Space Control – although we can’t guarantee anything celestial next time round…


Sara D'Souza
Sara d'Souza is a travel content strategist on the MSN specials team, contributing editor to the Travel Edit and travel writer for ELLE,, Red Online, Sunday Times Travel, MSN Travel and Upward Curve inflight magazine, Visit London, Jetsetter and Virgin.

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