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What makes a perfect hotel room? Many things, for sure – but setting aside design, space, and amenities for a moment, location within a hotel can play a major part.

We all know room categories based on what’s outside the window, from a sea view at a beach resort to landmark views in the city, often coming at a serious premium. Close to or far away from the lift we’ve seen as a preference to indicate on a reservation form, as well as the wish for a ‘quiet’ room. But in some ways, the secret of that special room – the best in a particular category, the one that captures the sunrise just right – requires research, knowledge or direct contact / relationship with the property.


Two years ago, Hilton was the first major hotel group to make floorplans for 4,000+ of its hotels available through its mobile apps and website to its HHonors loyalty programme members. Now, it’s taking things a step further (having just gotten in bed with Uber) by integrating those floorplans with Google Maps.

Want to know which street the room faces (or if you will get the right angle of the Acropolis, in the case of the photo above)? Ensure you catch (or miss) the sunrise? Provided you’ve made your booking through one if its direct channels, this is possible from 6am the day before check-in. Floorplans indicate which rooms are available for selection (which we presume allows properties to keep some control over what to release), and where the technology is available you can get your digital key sent straight to your phone in a few taps.

So we wonder, is this the next step in room categories altogether? Will we see a time where at booking you select exactly the room you want, possibly with further price differentiation within a category? Would guest reviews then be even more tied to specific rooms, making it easier to pick and choose what you want?

Over at Hilton, the functionality is now available through its Android and iOS apps, with the website to follow in the summer – additional content, like landmarks and attractions, will also continue to be added.

[Photo/app screen: Hilton]


Paul J DeVries
Paul J DeVries is a freelance travel writer and was previously a contributing editor for Based in London, he knows the city's hotel scene inside out, while also covering the latest in destinations around the world. When not checking out a new hotel, he checks in on the airlines and inflight products that get you there.

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