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Standard Hotels recently unveiled Standard Time, a new service which allows guests to check-in and check-out whenever they like. This is a huge perk for travelers crossing actual time zones, or for people who simply don’t like to wait to get into their hotel room, or for people who’ve always hated the idea of paying several hundred dollars for less than 24 hours in a hotel room. (Raises hand.) Here’s how Standard describes their new time zone:

“When selecting the room type, you’ll be given the option to choose Standard Time from the drop-down menu if it’s available. [Hint: The best way to ensure that you have access to Standard Time is to book ahead.] For a small fee, you get all the benefits of coming and going at your leisure. Prior to your stay, we’ll get in touch via email to get your estimated check-in and check-out times. How you use your Standard Time is up to you.”


As for that fee, it’s 5 percent of the room rate booked. Supposedly. The Standard High Line has rooms for next weekend starting at $519 a night for a deluxe queen, yet when we selected Standard Time as an Add-On at booking it said the service was no extra charge. Beginner’s luck or random booking fluke? Either way, we’ll take it.

Of course, this service isn’t ground-breaking or unheard of. Hotels, typically boutique and high-end luxury have been experimenting with 24-hour check-ins for a few years now, and several of them without additional charge. But the more hotels that make the hotel experience more convenient for the guests, the better!

[Photo: Standard Hotels; Screengrab: LE Miami]


Juliana Shallcross
A self-confessed hotel addict, Juliana Shallcross has been reporting on hotels around the world for more than a decade. She was previously the managing editor A good portion of her job involves sleeping in new hotels, obsessing over technology and keeping tabs on the ever-changing hospitality landscape. She's based in Los Angeles.

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