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September 14, 2011. We remember it like it was yesterday. That was the day we fell head over heels in love with Public Hotels by Ian Schrager, when the brand first opened in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago within the historic Ambassador East Hotel. How did we love thee? Let us count the ways.

There were the simple but sexy neutral-colored guest rooms (a design that was later reincarnated at Schrager’s EDITION Hotels), the sumptuous-looking and sumptuous-tasting Pump Room run by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the glamorous but approachable lobby social space (anchored by a lit-up bar of course), the fast casual room service called Public Express, and the insanely affordable room rates, about $200 or less. (Shout out to anyone who remembers Public’s infamous $1 room rate sale!)

In early 2014, just two and a half years after Public Chicago opened, Schrager stunned with the announcement of two Public Hotels for New York alone! But looking back, it’s possible he was just breadcrumbing us. Because by this time, Schrager was busy making beds at EDITION Hotels, which had opened in London, and was about to stun Miami and New York. He had also firmed up a hearty pipeline of future EDITIONS. The following year he put the Public Chicago up for sale. Today, it’s no longer an Ian Schrager hotel. A spy on the ground in Chicago tells us Public is just “meh” and in need of some serious maintenance.

And now here we are in 2017, on the verge of the apocalypse, but at least we are getting closer to sleeping in Public in New York.

Public New York will open this spring at 215 Chrystie Street in the Bowery nabe of the Lower East Side. According to these deets from New York Yimby, the hotel will have 370 guest rooms, a restaurant, a gym and a cafeteria, a bar/café, a rooftop terrace and bar,  and most interestingly, a two-floor nightclub. There will also be a Public Market from JGV, similar to the Miami Beach EDITION. On top of the hotel will be 11 ridiculously sleek residences with interiors by architect John Pawson (the man whose simply modern flair graces The Residences at the Miami Beach EDITION.)

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Already an Instagram is in place for Public New York, cultivating iconic images of New York and snapshots of celebrities largely taken in the 70s or the 90s. The new Public website is flashy and not just in an Adobe Flash way. It’s got bold letters, loud images, and very little information to share other than Public New York will have “great service, style, and price.” What does a great price in NYC in the year of our new dark underlord mean? Like, $350 maybe? Who knows anymore, but it is Schrager, newly-pardoned and all, and we love him and we will pay for it.

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