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When twin sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm created 12.29, they promised to embrace “visceral storytelling” – a truly modern form of brand-building that transcends in-store experiences or events, packaging or products – all through the medium of scent. Little is as evocative or powerful as a memorable olfactory experience; and their illustrious list of clients – from Valentino to Tiffany & Co. to Cadillac – agree. 

In the second of our exclusive Q&A series spotlighting this year’s Ministry of Ideas speakers, we caught up with one half of 12.29, Dawn Goldworm, to discover why time is the essence of modern luxury, the secret to cultivating creativity in all its forms and some serious Arizona hotel inspiration. 

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Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, founders of 12.19 – via Design Boom

What do you think will define the future of contemporary travel in the next five years?

TL;DR: In travel, time is the new luxury – and its definition is changing through how we experience it.

Contemporary travel will be defined by a refined concept of luxury: time, and how we are changing its definition through the way we experience it. Aesthetics; service; amenities; and the guest experience will all work as facilitators in accessing the enjoyment, fulfilment and use of time. The concept of Hygge – moments of softness, comfort and specialness – help define this idea. In a world where the concept of luxury has become confused and exclusivity has been diluted, time is an element than has modified its definition through the refined lens of experience.

From tangible human interactions like conversation to simple moments of pleasure with food and wine and the exploration of silence and breath… All of these experiences are changing our use, understanding, conception and curation of time. Travel has the potential to fundamentally alter our sense of time through these different experimental elements – and I believe its use of them will help to redefine travel over the next five years.

The sisters surrounded by scent samples – via The New York Times

How do you cultivate creativity within your team?

TL;DR: Creativity is energy transformed into ideas.

At 12.29, we believe that creativity is fundamentally energy, transferred into tangible output through ideation. In the 12.29 space, we encourage creativity in all forms, whether through fashion or beauty; lifestyle choice; or artistic expression. I hold weekly smelling sessions with the team, transferring olfactive experiences into colours, textures and shapes.

Dawn smells the roses in an olfactory test – via 12.29

What is the best example you’ve seen recently of brand experience?

TL;DR: Tucson’s Miraval Resort just shot to the top of our boutique hotel bucket list.

I spent five days at Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona, just after the new year. The brand experience was impeccable, from airport pick-up to final check-out. Every moment of the journey was curated for a zen-like experience, cultivating positive energy, a sense of wellbeing and enlightenment. From the design of the property to the sound of trickling water, the meditation cushions and Tibetan signing bowls in every room, the experience was created entirely to nurture a peaceful and restful state of mind.

Dreamy mountain views at Miraval Resort, Tucson – via

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