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It’s hard to believe the Standard Miami and its legendary spa are 10 years old this year. (Go here for a fun oral history of the property.) And with age comes not just wisdom but also, a series of very clever Standard CURES. 

To celebrate the Standard Miami’s milestone and to spread its spa goodness around, Standard is hosting wellness-focused events and unveiling new treatments at all Standard hotels. And true to the brand ethos, none of these spa offerings are standard.

Here are just some of the enticing, unusual, and hopefully, relaxing events and treatments to be found at Standard Hotels this spring:

The Standard East Village: Every Sunday in April, the Cooper Square hotel will offer IV drips, B12 shots, infrared healing, and cryogenic freezing. 

The Standard High Line:  Nicole Winhoffer, fitness expert and trainer-to-the-stars, will teach her NW Method on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Standard, Downtown LA: An immersive Cures-themed experiential installation by LA artist Lisa Solberg will be ongoing this month and Hermanos Coffee shop has been installed in the lobby.

The Standard Hollywood: Holistic living expert Shiva Rose will lead tea and beauty workshops.


Standard Hotels will also be offering up virtual CUREs via their website, selling products that have been curated by their in-house experts; discussing “Texas bathing culture” with their buddies (aka the hotel company they recently merged with) Bunkhouse Hotels; and spotlighting alternative wellness spots in New York and L.A. (The weirder the better, apparently.)

While certain CURES events are only going on through April, we have a feeling the every Standard will have a cure for you no matter when you visit.

[Photo: The Standard Miami]


Juliana Shallcross
A self-confessed hotel addict, Juliana Shallcross has been reporting on hotels around the world for more than a decade. She was previously the managing editor A good portion of her job involves sleeping in new hotels, obsessing over technology and keeping tabs on the ever-changing hospitality landscape. She's based in Los Angeles.

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