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Virgin Hotels may only have one hotel open right now in Chicago (three more will open soon in Nashville, New York and Dallas, with several other locations being looked at) but they are already putting up their guest room amenities for sale, including their proprietary, patented, and multi-functional guest bed.


Virgin Hotels at Home launched last week in partnership with Parker & Morgan, an existing hospitality retail provider, and one of the biggest (and costliest) items for sale is the seriously smooth-looking Virgin Lounge Bed, which features two cubby holes at the top of the bed, along with a padded, slightly reclined, headboard, and little nook at the front of the bed which doubles as a seat. Custom-made for buyers, and available in different sizes, the Virgin Lounge Bed starts at “only” $4,825. You may also want to purchase the Virgin Mattress to go along with it, which starts at $895.

Other fun items for sale from the Virgin Chambers (Virgin speak for guest rooms) are the cherry red lacquer Vespa scooter chair ($2,200) and a similar hued mini-SMEG fridge ($2,250.) You can also buy the Bow Truss in-room coffee equipment, a mini-stripe bathrobe, Red Flower skin products, and a bunch of tech and travel goodies.

Virgin Hotels is even eying doing some exclusive retail partnerships in the form of limited edition items a la W Hotels Store and the Standard Shop. So if you can’t sleep at Virgin, at least you can sleep with a Virgin…product.

[Photo: Virgin Hotels at Home]


Juliana Shallcross
A self-confessed hotel addict, Juliana Shallcross has been reporting on hotels around the world for more than a decade. She was previously the managing editor A good portion of her job involves sleeping in new hotels, obsessing over technology and keeping tabs on the ever-changing hospitality landscape. She's based in Los Angeles.

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