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A few weeks ago we brought you five of our favourite things about W Mexico City’s design overhaul, from infinity mirrors above the bed to a tequila bar in the bathroom. Now it’s the turn of W Punta de Mita to get under the microscope, as the W brand’s first Latin American Escape this week unveiled its tribal surfer stylings.

W Punta de Mita - Overview of Property

Those collective members who made it to LE 2016 experienced a little Mexican flavour during the official party at W South Beach on 9 June, which came complete with neon drummers, feather-headressed dancing girls and topless surfers (naturally). The tribal shenanigans were all part of a ‘Tribal Heat’ theme teasing W Punta de Mita, who can finally reveal how it all connects…


Designed by ASET/AOMA in collaboration with Mister Important Design and the team at Starwood, the inspiration for W Punta de Mita came from a mash-up of the local bohemian surf culture and both Spanish and indigenous cultures, making for a colourful, playful property that lets the outside in and definitely riffs off W’s trademark fun vibe. Here are a few of the highlights we’ve spotted so far:


W Punta de Mita - Huichol Arrvial Statue

Who could say no to this grinning face in a pink sombrero?? As welcome parties go, this little guy ticks all the boxes – plus, check out the acid-green bikes in the background, which are accompanied by colourful TukTuks for those who don’t fancy pedalling their way around the resort.


W Punta de Mita - Living Room BarStraight

Amen to this one – an altar that worships at the church of cool cocktails. Part of the open-air Living Room (W’s reinterpretation of a lobby), the altar (okay, bar) features a huge, locally-crafted chandelier with almost 500 hanging lights designed to look like church candles. Take us to church…


W Punta de Mita - Ocean View Escape Guestroom - Lakeside

In a cute nod to the surf culture of the neighbourhood, bedrooms come fitted with headboards constructed from either surfboards or punctured tin. Mexican tiled floors and mischievous repurposed vintage portraits of revolutionary figures like Frida Kahlo, created by excllently-named designer Revolución Del Sueño, complete the look.


W Punta de Mita - Welcome Area seating

Look to the wall hangings and cushions for pretty much all the lingo you need to master for this laidback surfer town – Vamos A La Playa and Hola Que Tal? (Also note the hanging chair to the left, one of several hammock alternatives dotted throughout the resort.)


W Punta de Mita - WET Deck SunsetPool

The obligatory WET deck is a pretty spectacular end to the resort, located at the end of a walkway “representing the Huichol life journey…that ultimately terminates in an ascension to spiritual (and physical) heights”. We’re not sure exactly what that means, but it definitely terminates in next-level views of the ocean and a banging bar and DJ booth. There are also six private cabanas named after mermaids, complete with matching murals.

Other features to watch out as more details about the property get released are the graffiti installations by street artist Nacho Bernal, including a vintage VW van driven by sharks; the Wave Surf Shop for getting those sea-appropriate garms; and Mesa1, a private restaurant situated on an island in the middle of a lake accessed by stepping stones across the water that disappear once you arrive.

[Photos: LE Miami, W Punta de Mita]

Tim Snell

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