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Artwork has nearly become just another “brand standard” for so many boutique or lifestyle hotels, whether it’s hanging on the walls or incorporated into the design: but at the just-opened FOUND: RE Hotel in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, art is at the forefront of the entire hotel experience.

Meant to feel like an “ever-changing” art gallery, the FOUND:RE lets guests know right away that this won’t be the usual hotel stay. Behind the front desk is a giant mural by local artist Randy Slack titled “That was then, this is Burtney”, showing Burt Reynolds in his iconic nude pose from the cover of Cosmopolitan – but this time, he’s sporting Britney Spears’ hair. The front desk itself is hoisted a few feet off the ground with thick, black industrial-like chains.

The industrial vibe continues in the hotel’s 105 guest rooms, which feature concrete floors, exposed ceilings and custom-designed platform beds. And of course, artwork from more than 25 artists, all sourced by Cultural Curator Michael Oleskow, is woven into the guest experience, such as an eight-storey digital projection display on the exterior of the building.


There are other fun touches to be found at FOUND:RE, like the giant ear sculpture at the entrance, oversized custom room numbers designed by local artist Cheryle Marine and Bluetooth speakers that play different sounds based on the surface on which they are placed. But we are tickled by a room phone that has “mystery” speed-dial numbers that give either a horoscope, riddle or some other interactive experience. What a clever way to jazz up a dying hotel room amenity, albeit one that’s still needed for emergency purposes.

The hotel’s MATCH Cuisine & Cocktails restaurant is coming soon but it’s already doing things a little differently. While the menu will stress farm-to-table fare, the restaurant plans delivering its compost back to its agricultural partners who originally sourced the ingredients. Bravo.

Rates for the FOUND:RE start at $249 a night. Have look around at their proprerty and their artwork on Instagram.

Our mission statement. #FindYourself #ArtHotel

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