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News came out the other week that the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue in Manhattan would be closing early next year for a renovation that would cut the 1,413-room hotel down to about 300-500 hotel rooms, with the rest of the building making way for new condominium units. While we’re always sad to see a legend being altered (especially when there’s a significant loss of staff involved), we also not-so-quietly uttered a “YASSSS” when we heard the news.

As anyone who’s ever stayed in the main tower of the Waldorf in recent years knows, this renovation was long overdue. It has always baffled hotel enthusiasts like us that a luxury brand—Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts—was born from a hotel whose standard rooms look something like this:


(The hotel’s tower rooms, where presidents and the Jolie-Pitts often stay, are much nicer but that fussy style remains.)

Fortunately, the building’s new owner, Chinese company Anbang Insurance Group Co. has recognized that disparity between the flagship and other truly luxurious hotels in the collection, and is now putting up some money (close to a billion, some reports say) to close the beauty gap. Hilton Worldwide will still manage the property when it reopens sometime in 2020.

One thing we will miss, however, is the absolutely adorable Art Deco bathrooms in the lobby. We doubt Anbang will keep ’em, so get your bathroom selfies in while you can!

[Photos: Waldorf Astoria New York]


Juliana Shallcross
A self-confessed hotel addict, Juliana Shallcross has been reporting on hotels around the world for more than a decade. She was previously the managing editor HotelChatter.com. A good portion of her job involves sleeping in new hotels, obsessing over technology and keeping tabs on the ever-changing hospitality landscape. She's based in Los Angeles.

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