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This year’s Ministry of Ideas has given us even more industry-redefining discussions and debates than ever before. With one ear to the ground, THE SHIFT has been keeping tabs on the key trends that all luxury brands need to be taking note of.

Today’s roundup looks at why, with the rise of socially conscious travellers, high-end hospitality should be tuning into social issues, embracing the idea of ‘community’ and, ultimately, delivering purpose-driven experiences. Check out our top four takeaways from 2018’s un-conference…

  1. High-end travellers are ready to give back
Alain Sylvain
Alain Sylvain enraptures the main stage with the power of purpose

In an age where the meaning of ‘service’ is rapidly changing, guests increasingly want to sacrifice, serve others and submit to a purpose greater than themselves. Alain Sylvain brought the topic to life in his keynote discussion on ‘The Rise of Righteous Tourism’, arguing that consumers want their lives to be aligned with their beliefs and are starting to expect luxury travel brands to reflect this with their offering. Overblown luxury and ostentatiousness are out, authenticity and human connection are in. To quote the man himself, it’s time for the industry to “Reject the tourist, embrace the human”.

  1. Luxury brands need to be community creators
Nacho Arimany
Nacho Arimany introduces the crowd to the dawn of re-engagement

For high-end contemporary travellers, experiences are no longer about escapism; they need to offer life-changing betterment. The powerful conversation kick-started by Nacho Arimany looked at how luxury brands can re-engage with consumers to offer transformational hospitality and satisfy their needs for a genuine community. In an age where people are increasingly selective about how, where, and with whom they spend their time and money, building a sense of community in the travel industry is more important than ever.

  1. Consumers are the new philanthropists
Emma Riley
Emma Riley discusses the important role of the millennial ‘moonshot mindset’

With younger travellers crusading to save the planet, luxury brands need to up their game and get involved where it counts. Lonely Whale‘s Emma Riley took to the stage to discuss how high-end hospitality can be a force for good while also engaging customers and promoting brand loyalty. Her work alongside actor Adrien Grenier has led to inspiring collaborations with the likes of Richard Branson and Dell – infusing cutting edge-technology with a pioneering attitude to show how essential conservation is to the future contemporary travel.

  1. Purpose is the new luxury
Jeff Carvalho and Michael Papadeas
Discovering a higher plane with New York’s finest, Jeff and Michael

With purposeful travel set to take high-end hospitality by storm, it’s time for brands to find their own reason for being. An all-star panel that featured Michael Papadeas from Frieze and Highsnobiety MD Jeff Carvalho, in conversation with CEO of Loose Threads, Richie Siegel, took us on a deep dive into the rise of ‘aspirational living’ and what lessons contemporary travel can learn from the worlds of fashion and design. Travellers are more switched-on than ever to authenticity, so it’s crucial that brands embrace purpose-driven experiences in a way consumers can connect with.

[Photos are courtesy of Beyond Luxury Media]


Henry Wickham
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