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A hotel with a living wall, a rooftop garden, and an array of eco-friendly initiatives? That all sounds positively quaint in comparison to a new hotel in Dubai which will have its own rainforest, manmade beach, a splash pool, and a giant terrarium that will use recycled water.

The Rosemont Hotel & Residences will open in 2018 in the city’s Al Thanyah district as part of a dual-glass skyscraper complex designed by ZAS Architects Dubai. The hotel tower will have 448 hotel rooms and 280 furnished apartments, open for short and long-term stays. There will also be a cantilevered infinity pool on the rooftop with a glass bottom located halfway up the building, a bowling alley, a nightclub, and the aforementioned rainforest, beach, and terrarium. Oh and there will be robotic butlers wheeling about too. #Robutlers?


So with all these ridiculuxe amenities, The Rosemont will probably not be a zero-balance hotel, but earlier this year, we did ask for more design-forward eco-hotels in major cities. And well, this is a start, right?

But of course, we don’t have to wait until 2018 to have an eco-friendly hotel stay while visiting a happening town. Element Hotels from Starwood, which opened in Boston and Amsterdam last month, will go on to open new hotels in London, Austin, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Dallas in the next few years. They’ve even got three Elements planned for Dubai.

Now, Element might be the most corporate-y of the eco-hotels out there (the brand is a spin-off of Westin Hotels) but they do green right with LEED-certified buildings and practices, toiletry dispensers in the showers, in-room recycling bins, and energy-saving light switches. If it was good enough for President Obama, it should be good enough for you.

As for the newest addition to the 1 Hotels family, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park, it’s now “sprouting” in late 2016. But to tide us over until then, there is a room rendering up on the website as well as a small description of the guest rooms. Of note: each room will have a couch, a seating area, and a mini-bar, along with a 5-fixture count shower and triple-filter water taps. (Just be mindful of your water usage, please.)

And as we mentioned the other week, the Dream Hollywood hotel, which is aiming for a summer 2016 opening, should have silver LEED status. So while we’ve only touched on a fraction of green hotel development, it’s clear to see that in the coming years, creative types may actually have a wide choice of hotels to stay in without harboring too much carbon footprint guilt. Which, btw, is a real disorder…according to Urban Dictionary.

[Photos: Rosemont Hotel & Residences; 1 Hotels]


Juliana Shallcross
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