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At LE Miami we’re always interested to hear about concepts that are turbocharging the evolution of contemporary travel, so the announcement of this year’s winners of the Radical Innovation Awards on 30 September has given us some inspiration for the week ahead.

Founded by John Hardy, CEO of The John Hardy Group and one of the attendees of this year’s Leadership Lab, Radical Innovation seeks ideas with the power to change the hotel industry. Investment, brand, design and manufacturing professionals gathered in New York to vote for the concept that they felt had the most potential. Finalists Snoozebox and Zoku presented their ideas to a live audience and were questioned by the jury, before Zoku emerged triumphant with $10,000 and the opportunity to further develop their business in the marketplace.

Facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional, Zoku creates a new category within the hotel industry. Japanese for family, tribe, or clan, it’s a home-office hybrid, also suitable for long stays, with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighbourhood.

“Zoku’s vision of a home-office hybrid as a new type of extended hotel meets the market demand for a live/work space,” said John Hardy. “The audience saw the concept as one could make a difference in the hotel industry within the short-term.”

Zoku Image collection
Zoku’s hotel/workspace hybrid in action

Tim Snell

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