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A restorative soak can clear the mind and soothe the soul – and, as travellers are realising, it’s far from solely a British pursuit. As we try to snatch moments of solitude wherever we can, hotels worldwide are waking up to the art of bathing – there’s simply nowhere better to appreciate an incredible, world-changing view. (Or, be honest, a chilled Margherita). Let’s play top tubs: if you need us, we’ll be hiding out in one of these.

NAME: Park Hotel Vitznau

LOCATION: Switzerland

CAUSE: Unadulterated Swiss luxury in the purest sense, complete with an outdoor spa, Michelin-starred restaurants and a ‘suites, not rooms’ policy.

Views for years – via Park Hotel Vitznau

There’s views, and then there’s the vistas from Park Hotel Vitznau: so vivid, you can practically touch the fluffy clouds above; feel the contours of the snow-topped mountains; and taste the creamy Swiss chocolate made in the hotel’s kitchens. Happily, they had the sense to place their (glossy, white, freestanding) bathtubs squarely in front of floor-to-ceiling windows, so guests can soak away the day gazing out onto the shores of Lake Lucerne.

For a hotel that so prioritises the “health and wealth” of its guests, every detail matters, right down to the bath accoutrements: designed exclusively by Molton Brown, no less. Oh, and they fill up in less than two (!) minutes – leaving you ample time to catch the view.

A sunset soak at Park Vitznau – via Park Hotel Vitznau

NAME: Capella Ubud (due to open May 2018)


CAUSE: A new and exclusive approach to rainforest living, designed by celebrated architect Bill Bensley.

Capella Ubud’s pebbled plunge pool – via Capella Ubud

Technically speaking, it’s a saltwater plunge-pool-cum-jacuzzi – but all technicalities fall away when you’re as immersed in Ubud’s wilderness as it is possible to be, peering out over acres of untouched rainforest. At the time of writing, they’re not due to open for another three months – but thanks to their unique location, nestled between paddy fields and the sacred Wos river, Capella Ubud have already made an unforgettable mark on the island’s thriving hospitality scene.

No room switching here: if you’re a guest in any of the 22 ‘tents’ (in the loosest, most luxurious sense of the word) a miniature private pool is automatically yours. If you prefer even more privacy, you can slum it in a handcrafted, shimmering copper tub, hidden behind tall trees and rustic decking.




NAME: Hotel Villa Marie

LOCATION: St Barth’s

CAUSE: Bringing an iconic name in French hotels to the Caribbean.

The bathtub view from Villa Marie Saint-Barth – via amymarietta.com

One of 2017’s hottest openings, Villa Marie is a blaze of riotous colours, palm tree-prints and colonial-inspired architecture. “Jungle-rustic”, so say Condé Nast Traveller. The hip yet elegant interiors extend to the roll-top, claw-foot tubs, secluded by clapboard walls and bleached wooden terraces. From the bath, gaze out onto ludicrously pink bougainvillea (very LE Miami) dense, beautiful hills and, in the distance, the turquoise Caribbean sea. A playground for the rich and famous it may be, but St Barth’s has always been cooler than that – and Villa Marie is the best proof we’ve found (#baththoughts).


Hands down the best bath I’ve ever experienced. #stbarths

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NAME: The Standard East Village


CAUSE: Big city life with small-town-thoughtful touches.

View over the Hudson – via Travel + Leisure

You don’t come to New York to escape – but that doesn’t mean you can’t contemplate life’s bigger things while gazing out on to the Hudson River. This particular Standard may have been built to resemble a 19th-century tenement, but its bathrooms are resolutely contemporary. Our tip: choose a west-facing, Standard King room, and be rewarded with a panorama worthy of a helicopter ride, all from the comfort of a ridiculously long and deep tub. A surround-sound system, fluffy white robes and underfloor heating complete the experience. Pro tip two: draw your bath just before sunset, when the light streams in just so through the floor-to-ceiling windows.




NAME: Stein Eriksen Residences


CAUSE: Redefining alpine luxury, one egg-shaped tub at a time.

Alpine scenes from the bathtub – via Stein Eriksen Residences

Stein Eriksen Residences – specifically, the 15 ‘distinct homes’ that make up part of their Deer Valley behemoth – are one of the biggest names in American ski resorts, and from the vantage point of the bathtub, it’s easy to see why. Wrap-around windows, positioned directly in front of the tub, give ski-and-snow-weary bathers access to unprecedented views of the Utah landscape. Frankly, skiing almost seems a waste when you’re bathing on a marble floor, with fresh flowers and candles in abundance. If you do venture outside, it should only be to the hot tub, where – if it’s possible – even better views await.

The master bedroom and bath – via Stein Eriksen Residences
The mountain-view hot tub – via Stein Eriksen Residences

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