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Fusion dining – it’s a seriously scrummy business. But as a culinary concept that’s been kicking around for centuries, it’s hardly a groundbreaking trend – so it’s up to restaurants to keep combinations tasty and fresh to continue to surpass foodies’ high expectations. 

Meet three hotel restaurants and bars who’re raising the fusion bar and tantalising tastebuds with their à-la-carte offerings.

NAME: Dirty Habit, Viceroy Hotel Zelos

LOCATION: San Francisco

CAUSE: Getting flavour-frisky with the in-crowd.

Dirty Habit – by Patricia ChangDirty Habit – by Patricia Chang
Dirty Habit – by Patricia Chang

It’s San Francisco’s dirty little secret: up five floors high overlooking the bustling SoMa district, Dirty Habit’s sizzling sharing plates and cocktails have taken creativity to new heights. Marrying together Mediterranean, French, Asian and American flavours, this uber-cool rooftop is the perfect hangout for adventurous 20- and 30-somethings looking for an interesting drinking and dining experience. From a plate offsetting the buttery texture of pan-seared foie gras – the ultimate French indulgence – with the sweet acidity of an American-inspired bed of pineapple upside down cake, to mixing a rare selection of beers (yes, we mean the brown brew us Brits can’t get enough of!) with everything from coffee, to cloves, to coconut, combinations are weird, quirky and utterly fabulous. Keep the pleasantly surprised expressions and Insta pics coming, we say.



LOCATION: Barcelona

CAUSE: Keeping food veterans on their toes.

IMPAR – via diarioDESIGN

Serving everything from ramen to rigatoni, the newly reopened fusion restaurant IMPAR at SOFIA Hotel is both a “nod to East and West”. Its neutral, open space lets their fiesta of flavours do the talking, allowing diners to focus on appreciating the transformation of Spanish classics into international taste sensations. Just take a look at their seabass ceviche: bathing their pescado crudo in an Asian staple, coconut milk, is a stroke of pure food genius, plain and simple. And IMPAR’s daring local combinations are just as dreamy as those collected from afar – how could anyone resist the addition of a pinch of sea salt and a drop of high-quality Spanish olive oil to their 70-per-cent chocolate French crémeux? Not us… 


NAME: Caña, El San Juan Hotel

LOCATION: Puerto Rico

CAUSE: Combining international zest with Puerto Rican classics.

Caña – via Caña
Caña – via Caña

Puerto Rico’s fusion frenzy started with Michelin-star chef Juliana González at El San Juan Hotel’s restaurant Caña. Inspired after her globetrotting culinary ventures, she channelled her insatiable wanderlust into combining the flavours of her heritage with touches of international flair. The result? An eclectic array of tapas placed in the middle of the table for all the family to share – and surely squabble over. Between the teaming of locally sourced black sausage with texture-rich Middle Eastern pine nuts and spinach; and pairing Puerto Rico’s famous churrasco (skirt steak) – separated from its garlicky partner in crime, chimichurri – with the sweet notes of Spanish sherry and Chinese bok choi, Juliana’s creativity in culinary expression knows no bounds. Throw in one (or two… Or maybe three) of Caña’s addictive Gazpacho Bloody Marys, and travellers should ready themselves for a dining experience that blows their expectations out of the water.


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