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With just a few weeks to go until our collective finally get to meet each other in person in Miami, here’s a little more insight into the kind of buyers they can expect to be linking up with. Meet Tatiana Deeva from White Label Travel in Moscow, who definitely understands the importance of being Limited Edition when it comes to designing travel experiences…

What do you do and how did you get here?

I’m CEO and co-founder of luxury travel company White Label Travel, based in Moscow, Russia. We design tailormade holidays around the world, specialising in picking the most exclusive experiences even in the most simple destinations and paying attention to every detail.

Travelling has always been my biggest passion in life. Before I started designing trips professionally, I lived abroad for a couple of years and have travelled to many amazing places around the world, exploring new itineraries, hotels and unique experiences. As a result, I’m able to share all my knowledge, personal experience and travel ideas with my clients.


LE’s tagline is Rebels With Cause. What makes you a rebel and what would you describe as your (professional) cause?

In a Russian market which is packed with standard tour packages and self bookings, me and my partner have opened something new and different – a personalised travel designer service. I would consider this pretty rebellious.

At White Label Travel we consider every trip as an art. We use an individual approach to each client; share our own experience; show different ways of travelling and the beauty of the world; and give an opportunity to feel local culture and experience authenticity together with comfort in every place they go.

But our main professional cause, I would say, is to show our clients that having a travel designer who knows all their preferences, needs and wishes is like having their own stylist or doctor. They don’t even need to describe to us in detail what they want, because we already know them and are able to organise unique and exclusive holidays that will reflect their expectations.


What makes the people who work for your company different?

At White Label Travel everything we offer to our clients, we experience ourselves first. Most of us have experience of living in different countries, which gives us a wider international vision of life.

All the people in my team are flexible, innovative and open to new things and experiences. They constantly discover, increase a base of their insider contacts and improve their skills. There is never too much information, education and inspiration.

Moreover, we all love comfort, style and the finest things in life and know how important every small detail is during the trip: whether it’s comfortable seats on the plane; spacious transfer with wifi and drinks on a long route in the middle of nowhere; or booking an advance table at the hottest restaurant in town. We always think about such things ahead, which makes every journey for our clients easy, pleasant and unforgettable.


What are you looking for when booking travel for your company?

I’m looking for unique ideas and high quality service. Our clients are well-heeled, confident men and woman who value comfort, novelty and style when travelling. They are people who want to experience new things in life; that’s why we look for partners who share the same passion in travelling and value the same things.

What travel brands do you love?

So far my favorites are Aman and andBeyond. These are two brands that absolutely reflect my vision of perfect hospitality and impress me with everything they do. It’s that unique level of service and philosophy that we are willing to provide our own clients.

What are you hoping to discover at LE 2016?

It’s going to be my first time at LE. I’ve heard many great things which made me really excited about this event. I’d love to discover new brands and partners which have similar vision, values and philosophy to me and my company.

Sales have now closed for LE 2016, but there’s still time to pick up your additional delegate pass – head to the Buyer Hub or Exhibitor Hub to get yours!

Tim Snell

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