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Since its inception four years ago, the Ministry of Ideas has always been an integral part of LE. But, as CEO and Founder Serge Dive put it yesterday, the concept of a sage on a stage has run its course. Previous editions of the Ministry of Ideas might have been centred more around drinking than thinking, but we noticed that our collective were always willing to talk to one another and share their ideas.


As Dive put it, “Great insight comes when people speak their thoughts aloud, and when the people around them can see a glimpse of the future as a result… What any business truly wants is to witness insight that isn’t already in the public domain.” So this year’s Ministry of Ideas took inspiration from the shared economy – rather than putting professional speakers on stage, we crowd-sourced the content from you, the collective. Each of the 12 speakers who took to the stage had just three minutes and 45 seconds to share their Big Idea to change the future of travel. Where some may have crumbled under the pressure, our rebels took the challenge head-on and OWNED IT.

While each of our speakers was, as expected, truly individual, there were some noticeable themes…

Parker Stanberry from Oasis Collections and Joshua Friedman of Josh Friedman Luxury Travel both picked up on the continuing domination of the shared economy, taking a look at ways the luxury travel industry can embrace new ways of working in order to become the disruptor, rather than the disrupted.

Aldo Melpignano from Borgo Egnazia and Jill Sinclair of Sinclair Global discussed the importance of collaboration – Aldo looked to the staff within a hotel to collaborate with guests in order to help them live like a local; while Jill encouraged buyers and suppliers to “collaborate harder” in order to deliver a connected experience for luxury travellers.


Meanwhile, Alan Luo of GOV Travel; Kent Lindvall from Treehotel; Jacqueline Gifford from Travel+Leisure; and Fatima Hawkins from dnata spoke about the increasing relevance of travel that delivers immersive experiences – whether applied to the travel desires of the Eastern luxury client; how design can impact upon the emotional journey of a guest; why we should put down our devices and look around us; or how experiential travel can be incorporated into our working lives.

Proving that contemporary travel has a heart, Gilad Goren from Travel+SocialGood pitched a new app concept that turns travel into a force for local good via loyalty points, while Alexia Kazilas from Blue Villas Collection explained why travel must follow in the footsteps of fashion and music to make corporate social responsibility part of their business agenda.

Ron Shah from BIZLY and Louise O’Riordan from SURF Air both brought new innovations to the stage, each of which turn traditional elements of travel on their heads – what if we were to tell you that the majority of your hotel’s potential customer base lives locally? Or that your airline’s seats might one day be filled with dailycross-state commuters?


Despite being a “bunch of people who are fiercely individual and passionate”, as Event Director Cj Holden observed, it’s the level of passion that unites our collective of rebels – and yesterday’s Big Ideas proved that great things can happen when they come together to innovate, inspire, and OWN IT.

Stay tuned to see all the talks in full over on liveLE later this week.


Katie Palmer
Katie Palmer is Editorial and Content Manager at This is Beyond Ltd.

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