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All members of the LE collective are passionate about their individual creative cause – but sometimes getting the rest of the world (and particularly the discerning creative class traveller) to share your enthusiasm can be a bit of a challenge. To help our LE brands combat the difficulty of making yourself heard in an increasingly noisy world, we’ve teamed up with exciting new launch PR In A Box to offer our collective box-fresh PR insight in the form of 20-minute consultations over LE 2016

PR In A Box is an easy-to-follow, interactive website that’s the brainchild of LE familiar face Simon Rayner and aims to teach brands how to:

  • Create exciting public relations campaigns
  • Increase customers and business awareness
  • Understand what makes a good story for the media
  • Talk to the press and secure press coverage
  • Develop their social media presence and making an impact online

The service also promises to provide companies with their own unique communications strategy and company overview documents, tools, templates and everything they might need to get people talking about their business. And to top things off, PR In A Box also has dozens of insights and tips from influential editors at publications such as The Times, GQ Magazine, Vanity Fair and Guardian; as well as brands such as Net-A-Porter, Lakeland, Paramount Pictures and Jaguar Land Rover.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.28.56PR In A Box will be joining the new FRINGE section on the LE floor for 2016, designed to showcase innovations that could add value to your business – and as a special addition, Simon is offering 20-minute personalised PR strategy sessions over the show to the first brands to sign up.

Think your brand could benefit from some out-of-the-box, PR In A Box thinking? Fill out the form below sharpish to be in with a chance of receiving a session from Simon at the show…



Tim Snell

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