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As we head into 2016, it’s time to catch up with another of this year’s LE Miami buyers to discover what they’re looking for in a contemporary travel brand. Next up: Elizabeth Ellis from Blue Marble Private.

What do you do and how did you get here?
I am the Founder of Blue Marble Private – a bespoke travel company curating extraordinary travel experiences for discerning clients around the world, and beyond. I live and breathe travel – from an early age I have had the opportunity to travel extensively both personally and professionally. As a result of this I am able to share unique and highly personalised insights with my clients. I founded Blue Marble Private following my previous experience within the luxury travel industry and also working with high net worth and high profile clients.

LE Miami’s tagline is Rebels With Cause. What makes you a rebel and what would you describe as your (professional) cause?
Following my instinct and launching my own business before the age of 30 could be considered rebellious! In terms of my cause – I am focused on offering clients truly unique experiences based on detailed personalisation, innovative itineraries and my first hand experiences. Weaving meaningful, enriching experiences into their travels is an important part of the trip planning experience, as is ensuring the highest levels of attention to detail at all times. Whilst each itinerary is completely different to the next I strive to ensure that every trip I craft is truly outstanding and offers an exceptional experience for my clients.

Buyer Power Elizabeth Ellis

What makes the people who work for your company different?
The travel partners I choose to work with are an extension of my company when we’re working on a project together. I look for partners who will exceed expectations, pay close attention to detail, and offer clients flexibility.

What are you looking for when booking travel for your company?
The most important traits that I look for from suppliers and partners involved in travel planning are a shared passion for the experiences we are crafting, with an added element of surprise!

What travel brands do you love?
Aman and Singita are both up there in terms of delivering flawless, seemingly effortless (yet no doubt deeply considered) experiences. Their properties are magical and I can truly rely on both brands to deliver and exceed my clients’ expectations. When I travel personally I have a real soft spot for family-owned properties where the passionate owners’ influences really add to the experience and bring the destination to life.

What are you hoping to discover at LE Miami 2016?
As a newbie to the show but having heard such great feedback and as a buyer to sister show PURE, I am excited to discover new partners, gain unique insights, and ultimately contribute to the ongoing evolution and shift in luxury travel. It’s an exciting time and ever-evolving world to be part of!

Think you have what it takes to join Elizabeth as part of the LE Miami 2016 collective? Head to our Buyer Hub or Exhibitor Hub to fill out your application and a member of our team will be in touch.

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