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It’s undeniable that our LE Miami buyers are a discerning bunch, so to help you get a handle on what makes them tick when it comes to travel, we’ve pinned down a few of the names who will be attending in 2016. This week we’re chatting to Jacky Hoitsema from Endemol Shine Group in Amsterdam.

What do you do and how did you get here?

I’m Events Producer Creative Networks at Endemol Shine Group based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We’re a leading creative global content creator, producer and distributor with a portfolio of international television and digital hits around the world. I organise and manage the setup of our creative conferences, where execs from within our international group come together to discuss and exchange ideas/concepts and new developments.

LE Miami’s tagline is Rebels With Cause. What makes you a rebel and what would you describe as your (professional) cause?

Working for a global creative company, I’m constantly introduced to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I would classify my “rebel” side as constantly thinking out of the box. I apply this in my profession by approaching each of our conferences as a narrative experience rather than a formal meeting.

Jacky Hoitsema

What makes the people who work for your company different?

I work with many creative people from various countries, and despite the great distance between us, we are all very connected and good friends.

What are you looking for when booking travel for your company?

Many of our execs travel extensively for their jobs. So, it’s important to me that the conferences we hold leave an impression. It’s one of the few times our international group comes together so I want our gatherings to feel comfortable, relaxed and in a setting that is unparalleled to the usual meeting they’re used to. Lovely food and drinks, rooms with lots of light and good location are the things I look out for in selecting a venue.

What travel brands do you love?

Soho House, ETC, André Balazs, St. Pancras London, Rocco Forte and Jean Georges Vongerichten.

What are you hoping to discover at LE Miami 2016?

I’d like to discover new boutique hotels in other countries and extend my global hospitality contacts. Also, to learn more about activities for our attendees to do in some of the cities that we’ll be hosting our conferences.

Think you have what it takes to join Jacky as part of the LE Miami 2016 collective? Head to our Buyer Hub or Exhibitor Hub to fill out your application and a member of our team will be in touch.

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