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Here we go again, collective: are you ready to inspire the evolution of contemporary travel for the 5th year in a row?

Like all good ideas, the Ministry of Ideas was born out of rebellion. Our un-conference rips up the rulebook on conventional conventions by inviting creative thinkers from around the world and across industries to unpack and forecast the latest trends, challenging participants to think differently and inspiring unexpected innovation.

For 2017, we’re inviting you to join visionaries, experts and innovators at the top of their fields for talks and conversations about the most relevant topics facing contemporary travel.

We believe that real trends and innovations don’t come from just one place: they arise from the complex crossover of social, environmental and cultural shifts around the world. Consequently, we believe that to inspire change within contemporary travel, we need to look outside it.

That’s why we’re bringing the world’s most rebellious entrepreneurs / fashionistas / advertisers / music moguls / [INSERT HERE] poolside at EAST, Miami: so we can all dive into the trends/global shifts inspiring the evolution of travel.

This year we started with the ideas and identified three themes we believe will have a huge impact on contemporary travel in years to come. We then selected our speakers based on their expertise and creativity in these areas. Across the spectrum of talks, they will identify potential shifts, foster lateral thinking and the transference of ideas, and encourage creative risk-taking.

What does ‘community’ mean in an age when consumers are searching for connection – both online and offline? We’ll be exploring how to build offline communities in an online culture, choosing how consumers talk about you and making the most of influencers in 2017.

What role should travel play in the interplay of technology and the human – and how can we benefit from these brave new worlds? From virtual reality to artificial intelligence and omnichannel marketing, get the lowdown on what the latest tech buzzwords mean for travel.

How are consumer desires and habits evolving in light of the current climate of political, economic and social change – and how should we respond? We’ll be talking mindful consumption, getting off the guilt spiral and how to do brand activism in a way that feels authentic.

We’ll be revealing our speaker line-up, as well as how to apply for a spot on the stage in this year’s Big Ideas, in the next few weeks – for now, head to our Ministry of Ideas page to discover more about what’s new for 2017.


Tim Snell

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