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LE Miami is dedicated to the contemporary traveller, but since the characterful creative set refuses to be defined by any given formula, a one-size-fits-all approach will not do. Thus, in the same way that LE Miami exhibitors are fiercely independent and imaginatively ingenious, so too are our buyers.

Catering to a class of non-conformists is no easy task, but the combined industry experience of LE Miami’s five-strong dedicated buyer team makes them a force to be reckoned with: not only do they have little black books packed full of top tier names, but they also have a profound understanding of the sort of clients LE Miami exhibitors crave. That’s why Karole, Dani, Martin and Rachael, headed up by Lara – all of whom come from a lifestyle hotel background – accept only high-level buyers with the creative class’ seal of approval.

To account for LE Miami’s unique mash-up of urban and leisure retreats, our buyer team confers with the collective to work out the ratio sweet spot for our leisure/corporate/entertainment buyer mix, before being dispatched across the globe to test industry waters and gather the latest intel from the influencers. The result is a strategic yet unexpected blend of high-level leisure, corporate and entertainment buyers, tailored specifically for LE Miami exhibitors.

To ensure all delegates have the most advantageous set of appointments for their business needs, the LE Miami team constantly assesses and revises the appointment-matching algorithm to ensure optimum compatibility. Plus, we work closely with our buyers and exhibitors throughout the year in educating them on how to get the most full and beneficial diary possible – check out our 8 Top Tips.

An invitation to LE Miami doesn’t guarantee membership for life; each year our buyer team collates and considers feedback from the collective before deciding who to reinvite. For 2015, we’ll welcome 45% new buyer faces to the show/dance floor – including clued-up travel managers from the likes of Facebook, Pepsico and Sony Pictures Entertainment on the corporate front; and Fred Tour (Brazil), Charlotte Travel (China), The Key (Norway) and Grand Luxury Hotels (France) on the leisure side; who’ll join LE Miami regulars such as Spotify, LVMH and Abercrombie & Fitch.

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To request a sample buyer list, email lara(at)beyondluxury.com.

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