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By now, we’re hoping you’ve already seen the film we’ve made to get you excited about LE 2016 and this year’s theme, OWN IT. Our ambition was to capture a little bit of what makes our collective so special: namely, that regardless of how they look or the attitude they exude, they are all dedicated to their individual creative cause. They come together to stand apart. They know who they are – and OWN IT.

To achieve this, we knew we’d have to go bigger and better than we ever had before. After scripting and storyboarding an OWN IT concept that passed muster with the discerning LE team (a Herculean task all of its own), we set about contacting several locations worldwide that represent a few of the different personalities behind the LE collective. Once we had our venues sorted, it was time to brief our filmmakers, hire models, stylists and voiceover artists, and head to the airport with some cameras and a headful of dreams…

Model Kamla Kay struts through the Faena lobby for the OWN SEXY scene
Model Kamla Kay struts through the Faena lobby for the OWN SEXY scene

We flew our film crew over to our spiritual home of Miami, where 4am wake-up calls, Pretty-In-Pink dancers and impromptu casting calls were all part of the experience when filming in Faena Miami Beach, 1 Hotel South Beach, W South Beach and The Miami Beach EDITION.



Getting closer to 1 Hotel's awesome living wall
Getting closer to 1 Hotel’s awesome living wall

Returning back to LE HQ in London, we hopped across to Zetter Townhouse and The Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch for some cocktail shaking and photo taking. Finally, we couldn’t resist including some footage shot at ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, where our sister event PURE held the first PURE Pursuit earlier this year.



Et voila: the finished product! We hope you all love it as much as we do – and that it’s got you inspired to bring your A-game and represent your brand’s unique, rebellious attitude at LE 2016. Now go forth – and OWN IT…


A big thanks to everyone who helped the project come together: Sugar Palm Media, Edwards Model Management, Stylist Yelany de Verona, Faena Miami Beach, The Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch, ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, The Miami Beach EDITION, 1 Hotel South Beach, W South Beach and Zetter Townhouse Marylebone

Tim Snell

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