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Since day one, LE Miami has been dedicated to following the shift in contemporary travel. Now, as lifestyle comes of age and we move into our third edition, it’s time to permanently define the mindset and manifesto of our travel rebels, both in our words and their own.

“We believe that creativity and innovation are the centre of our industry”
Serge Dive, Founder & CEO, Beyond Luxury Media Ltd

Throughout history, change and creativity have been ushered forward by those who rebel against conformity. The contemporary art movement was sparked by disruptors who tossed out the aesthetic rulebooks and caused art to evolve into something completely new and deeply personal.

“There is not one hotel that you could say is the same: it is becoming a bit like art. Every hotel is an individual art piece”
Jean-Paul Dantil, CEO, Das Stue

Today’s travel industry innovators share this rebellious spirit, fracturing convention in the pursuit of self-expression. Their inspirations are idiosyncratic, but their mindset is the same: fiercely independent. Unapologetically niche. Limited Edition.

“It’s eclectic, it’s unique, it’s bespoke. It certainly isn’t one size fits all; it’s very individual. That is what everybody at LE Miami is trying to create”
Serena Cook, Founder, Deliciously Sorted

LE Miami’s collective of high-end travel brands design travel experiences for the individual, not the masses. However different their creative causes, they are united by the impulse to innovate in unexplored directions. In short, they are the artists of the contemporary travel industry.

“You don’t have to be all things to all people – we project what we like and for some people it resonates and with others it doesn’t. It’s open to everyone who likes it”
Amar Lalvani, CEO, The Standard Hotels

LE Miami is a collective with a cause: we come together as brands and buyers not to copy and paste each other’s causes, but to rouse our creativity to inspire the ongoing evolution of travel. We cause waves; we cause raised eyebrows; we cause a scene. Collectively and individually, we are Rebels With Cause.

“When you’re in the collective you can see it; you’ll put together threads and begin to see trends which talking to them individually you might not get, but together begin to emerge”
Arnie Weissman, Editor-in-Chief, Travel Weekly

Check out who’s made the 2015 Guest List so far and stay tuned for updates…

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