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At the heart of any neighbourhood you’ll find character, art, history, and a certain rhythm of life that can’t be compared to the tempo anywhere else.

Meet just a few innovative newcomers to the collective who have ingrained the rich heritage of their neighbourhoods into the DNA of their hotels.

NAME: Mondrian Park Avenue


CAUSE: Bringing high-end glamour to the NoMad neighbourhood.

Mondrian Park Avenue lobby – via Hotels.com
Mondrian Park Avenue lobby – via Hotels.com

Mondrian Park Avenue may be a recent addition to this New York City hood, but boy is it making its mark. Having laid their pivotal hub upon the foundations of the area home to the Museum of Sex and The New York Comedy Club, the hotel aims to bring a bit of cultural sophistication to the NoMad neighbourhood.

Mondrian Park Avenue - via 2luxury2.com
Mondrian Park Avenue – via 2luxury2.com

First stop: art and design. The marble-laden foyer by artist Ara Starck, along with the lavish bedding, spacious bathrooms and woven leather furnishings, transform the space into a lap of luxury fit for New York’s finest. Next: Mondrian Park’s thriving dining and nightlife – the hotel’s on-site entertainment has already started to cause a storm amongst locals and foreigners alike. Cleo, sbe’s already award-winning Mediterranean culinary concept, serves small plates with an eclectic twist, while Yours Truly, Mondrian Park Avenue’s uber-cool underground nightclub, has started to cause a stir with talk of its hidden entrance.


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NAME: Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak

LOCATION: Seminyak, Bali

CAUSE: Showcasing the balance between the traditional and the cultural in the Seminyak lifestyle.

The Tree Bar at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak - via What's New Bali
The Tree Bar at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak – via What’s New Ba

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak positions itself as the awe-inspiring gateway and guide to the high-spirited soul of their urban, up-and-coming Seminyak district. Committed to telling and evolving the story of this cosmopolitan area, the hotel encourages guests to immerse themselves in all aspects of local life: from catching waves, to partying until dawn, to checking out home-grown artists in social spaces (thanks to Artisan@Work who are supported by the Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak), the hotel delivers a crash-course in the swing of life that will leave an impression strong enough to last way past the journey home. The hotel also mirrors local culture with its spaces: the striking, wood-carved geometric patterns, which allude to traditional Balinese songket weavings, tie together with injections of vibrant colour against sleek, contemporary backgrounds to represent the “eclectic flavours of Seminyak”.



NAME: Hotel Indigo


CAUSE: Representing the swag of the Lower East Side.

Hotel Indigo LES lobby
Hotel Indigo LES lobby

Hotel Indigo Group keeps up their strong storytelling element across all their brands, and their New York boutique hotel could not serve as a better example of their ethos. This swanky new addition to the collective represents the once-gritty Lower East Side of Manhattan reborn as the youthful birthplace of street art, cultural diversity and multifaceted creativity – the heritage of music artists Blondie, the Ramones, Madonna, Vanilla Ice and the Rolling Stones barely scratch the surface of the artistic prestige of the area. Guests are greeted with a dramatic graffiti mural by Lee Quiñones, a renowned graffiti artist who started out in the area in the ‘70s; then by the flamboyant view of downtown New York from the Sky Lobby; and by the 24-hour café whose menu does justice to the area’s hottest F&B hotspots. Every detail of the place succeeds in emanating the cool and collected vibe of the Lower East Side’s fashionable reputation.

Hotel Indigo LES – photos are courtesy of Hotel Indigo
Hotel Indigo LES – photos are courtesy of Hotel Indigo




NAME: Es Princep

LOCATION: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

CAUSE: Weaving Mallorcan history and charm into a boutique, five-star treatment.

Tucked away in what once was the local tanners’ area, just above the Baluard del Príncep overlooking one of the only remaining parts of the Renaissance wall that surrounded Palma de Mallorca until the beginning of the twentieth century, boutique hotel Es Princep has every reason to embrace its roots. This “home away from home” is run by true Mallorcans who have seamlessly fused the location’s rich heritage with their contemporary aesthetic and offerings. Detail is their weapon of choice: find the historical influence of the tanners and their rural lands in their soulful use of leather, wood and stone; sample Mallorcan cuisine made from island-grown produce; and dive head first into local life with recommended activities to please everyone from the modern yogi to the old-school cultural ninja.

Es Princep – all photos are courtesy of Es Princep
Es Princep


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