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Whether it’s a private members’ club–style hotel or an exclusive wellness sanctuary, at some point or another we’ve all eyed up a hotspot too beautiful for words and been unable to resist crossing the threshold for a quick peek (or a long-haul stay).

This week, we’re pursuing our hotel #designgoals and ogling the hotels who’re luring travellers in with their dashing looks.

NAME: Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverley Hills

LOCATION: California

CAUSE: Drawing in design addicts far and wide.

Viceroy L'Ermitage Beverley Hills Presidential Suite – via Viceroy L'Ermitage
Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverley Hills Presidential Suite – via Viceroy L’Ermitage

Opulent even by Beverly Hills standards after its revamp in 2017, Viceroy L’Ermitage is a luxury hotel that attracts the most discerning of design veterans. The stately abode – away from the main strip on a secluded, tree-lined boulevard – has regal written all over it, emanating an eclectic majesty that draws travellers like magpies to the jewel: from champagne-coloured suites with gold-dusted highlights and (ladies – and gents – contain your excitement!) walk-in wardrobes, to lobster dinners at Avec Nous, their show-stopping St Tropez–esque French bistro, Viceroy L’Ermitage never fails to bring the wow-factor to the guest experience. And if any on-the-fencers need more persuasion that this fabulous establishment is the place to be, they need only pop up to the uber-plush rooftop pool retreat and drink in the buzz, the booze and the beautiful view.


NAME: Pure Salts Luxury Hotels

LOCATION: Mallorca, Spain

CAUSE: Putting adult sophistication back into the five-star experience.

Pure Salts Port Adriano – via Pure Salts Luxury Hotel
Pure Salts Port Adriano – via Pure Salts Luxury Hotels

Pure Salts’ two drop-dead-gorgeous hotels in Adriano and Garonda stick out a mile on the dreamy coastlines of Mallorca. With grandeur radiating from their palm-flanked, creamy mausoleum exteriors and dreamy spa, these two secluded getaways have established themselves as design eye candy for weary travellers in desperate need of a change of scene, a stiff drink, and some (goddamn!) peace and quiet. And when we say quiet, we’re referring to a particular type of quiet – the adults-only kind. With the absence of the din of toddler tantrums and sibling squabbles, the strict adults-only admissions policy maintains the all-important – and highly sought after – air of zen sophistication travellers yearn for. Whether they’re looking to cleanse themselves at the hotels’ own Turkish hammams, or blow off some steam on their golf courses, travellers will be queuing round the block for the chance to regenerate amongst breathtaking surroundings.


NAME: The Robey Chicago


CAUSE: Creating hipster territory too striking to turn down.

The Robey Chicago lobby – via The Robey Chicago
The Robey Chicago lobby – via The Robey Chicago

Understated elegance and minimalism have come to the Windy City. Anchored at a six-street intersection in the uber-cool Wicker Park neighbourhood, The Robey is an urban statement like no other. Towering above its surroundings, the art-deco skyscraper – with interiors swathed in warm tones of burgundy, greyscale and an abundance of clean-cut, custom-designed furnishings – has fast become a magnet for design-centric hipsters desperate for a hangout that has more to look at than industrial lighting and decorative piping suspended from the ceiling. Quirky boutique touches like denim bathrobes, Le Labo bath products and a hip and happening rooftop Cabana Club all contribute to a unique vibe savvy travellers know they won’t find anywhere else.


John Segar

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