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With LE Miami 2018 just a few days away, we’re showing off a few more awesome additions to this year’s collective. Check out these three diverse destinations curating exceptional extra-curricular experiences for travellers in search of a true taste of local life.

NAME: Domes of Elounda

LOCATION: Elounda, Crete

CAUSE: Elevating experiences to the extraordinary

Domes of Elounda
Domes of Elounda – via Hotel News Resource

Domes of Elounda proudly declare that “Crete is home of the extraordinary”, so why stick to the ordinary? From Minoan cooking workshops to breath-taking boat trips around the Elounda Gulf, this Haute Living haven goes out of its way to provide unforgettable immersive experiences. For those in search of something a little more sedate you can also grab a seat for secret cinema nights, bask in the glow of a traditional Cretan BBQ or tantalise your taste buds with gourmet food festivals and local olive oil tasting. You’ll find the resort bathed in sunshine overlooking the mysterious UNESCO-protected island of Spinalonga, boasting plenty of local character that they’re eager to share.

The Elounda Gulf
The Elounda Gulf – via Domes of Elounda

NAME: Amarea

LOCATION: Playa Ocotal

CAUSE: Revealing the wonders of Costa Rica’s coast

Amarea – via Dominique Debay

There’s not many resorts that offer specialised lessons in turtle nest watching alongside stand-up paddle boarding, diving and snorkelling, but Costa Rica’s Amarea is one. This small, tranquil slice of coastal paradise boasts a beautiful black and white sand beach tucked into a cove of magnificent cliffs and hills where travellers can relax and unwind in between adrenaline-fuelled adventures, from water sports and horseback riding to rock climbing and bungee jumping. The resort also organise tours to the country’s incredible array of National Parks – including Guanacaste, Palo Verde and Santa Rosa – for full immersion in lush rainforest and abundant wildlife. However guests want to enhance their tropical travels, Amarea are sure to have something to satisfy.

Playa Ocotal
Playa Ocotal – via Anywhere

NAME: Hotel Sanders

LOCATION: Copenhagen

CAUSE: Connecting travellers with Copenhagen’s culture

Hotel Sanders
Hotel Sanders – via Hotel Sanders

Adventure and self-indulgence are high on Hotels Sanders’ guest agenda. Backstage tours of The Royal Danish Ballet, drawing days in the Art Academy’s baroque sculptor garden and after hours jaunts around the Royal Danish Opera House are all part of a carefully curated service, while avid foodies can go behind the scenes at some of Copenhagen’s culinary hotspots. As if that weren’t enough, they’ll even pack picnic baskets and lend their bikes to cultural connoisseurs who want to bounce between the city’s vibrant arts events, soaking up the buzz of year-round jazz, opera, art and film festivals. A dream destination for immersive experiences of a more urban and urbane variety.

The Royal Danish Opera House
The Royal Danish Opera House – via Wikipedia

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