Traditional luxury belongs to the past. LE is the catalyst for the next evolution of travel.

The contemporary definition of luxury isn’t about money. It’s about creating inimitable experiences that encompass style, design, authenticity, content, wellbeing, and innovation.

LE’s purpose is to unite a community of travel visionaries and pioneers that are unafraid to embrace and act on this new definition of luxury.

We call them rebels with cause.


In the last two decades, the emergence of the ‘creative class’ traveller has transformed the travel industry.

The ‘creative class’ currently represents 30% of the Western workforce and is growing by 7% every year. Their demand for unique, culturally connected and bespoke travel has fuelled the rise of creative, design and community-led ‘lifestyle’ hotels.

Through our portfolio of events, we bring together visionaries, rebellious travel brands and influential buyers creating product for the creative class traveller.


LE Miami is a highly curated marketplace where contemporary travel brands meet influential buyers representing the creative class traveller.


Ministry of Ideas brings together visionaries and leaders from across industries to unpack the latest trends that will inspire the evolution of contemporary travel.


Idiosyncratic, eclectic and increasingly iconic, Miami is as Limited Edition as our events.

Miami’s patchwork of clashing neighbourhoods meld into an emerging international hub for creativity – and make it the natural setting for the world’s only event to connect the high-end contemporary travel industry with the creative class.


LE sits as part of Beyond Luxury Media Ltd‘s portfolio of events dedicated to creating genre-defining marketplaces for the high-end travel market.

The masterminds behind PURE Life Experiences and We Are Africa, our founders Serge & Sarah, believe in building passionate communities and dynamic forums where travel innovation and artistry are discussed and celebrated.

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